WICOR Strategies
Blocks W.pngRITE

We Use:

Focused Notes
         Focused Note Phases Overview
         Focused Note-taking document
         Focused Note-taking PowerPoint
Learning logs/Reflections
        Learning Logs Weekly
         Learning Logs for all Content Areas
         Summary of Learned Content

Blocks I.pngNQUIRE

Inquiry is:

        Uncovering one's understanding
         Engaging in thinking, learning, discussion
         Asking critical questions

Students who Inquire:

         Analyze & Synthesize materials & ideas
         Clarify their own thinking
         Probe others' thinking Work through                         ambiguity


Collaboration is:

        Teamwork with shared responsibility
         Sharing of Ideas, Info, and Opinions
         Formal/Informal discussion

Students who Collaborate:

         Work together toward a common goal
         Develop positive interdependence
         Work in focused study groups
         Support the learning of others

Blocks O.pngrganization

Organization is:

        Managing materials
         Planning and Prioritizing
         Strategically controlling your learning

Students who Organize:

         Develop and use Processes
         Manage their time well
         Interact with their teachers
         Use Self-Direction & Self-Evaluation

Blocks R.pngeading

Reading is:

        Gaining Meaning, Understanding, and                       Knowledge from print and other media

Students who Read:

         Understand text structures
         Use prior knowledge and make connections
               to Text, Self, and World
         Make predictions and ask questions
         Create Visual Images as they read

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